About the Artist


My name is Clarice Keegan. I have a masters degree in philosophy, have traveled extensively, have written a lot of poetry, and have a mixed bag of employment and life experiences. But art is threaded through all.

Chaos meets color in my world.  I paint the lines that string the universe connected.  A vision of lines descends to paper through the hollow point of a Rapidograph pen and blooms in opaque water colors, inks, and liquid acrylics.  From the moment I saw the lines in the first coloring book they have never left me.  Black rules.  Color tames. 

From veins of the flower, through oriental fans, the art nouveau streets of Paris, and the psychedelic rock posters of San Francisco, to the Mandelbrot set, the sinuous and reflective detail come from the hunger of the mind meeting the soul of the universe.

Chronological catalysts:

Coloring books

Comic books


Pressure phosphenes

Maxfield Parrish

Japanese art

Vincent Van Gogh

Henri Rousseau

Antonio Gaudi

Aubrey Beardsley

M.C. Escher

Lysergic acid dimethylamide



Pamela Colman Smith


Rick Griffin

Victor Moscoso

Peter Max

Georgia O’Keefe

Northwest Coast Native American art

George Barbier

Tibetan art

Indian art

Islamic art

Alfredo Arreguin

Benoît Mandelbrot

Margaret McDonald

Dhawa Dhondup Ngochetsang

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Contact Information

Phone: 425.582.7811

email: clarice@willapabay.org



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